Approach & Philosophy 

I believe that from the moment we are born, our relational experiences with family, community, and nature become intimately intertwined with our physical and psychological development. Sometimes, in childhood or adulthood, life and relationships get messy and we come out of balance. I love walking alongside people who are recovering from the complexities of trauma and attachment wounds. In sessions, we explore and work to strengthen internal relationships among parts of self and then organically bring that healing and compassion outwards to help make everyday life a bit more fulfilling and in alignment with your sense of authenticity.

A bit about me...

I'm Autistic, a trauma survivor, and I have a chronic illness called dysautonomia. I approach my work as a therapist with a lifetime of lived experience, immense compassion, and loads of curiosity about the interplay of the mind, body, nature and relationships. As a licensed clinical social worker, it is such an honor to be able to offer the aspects of care that have been so transformative in my own recovery. 

I specialize in working with complex trauma, PMDD, and perinatal mood disorders. I utilize EMDR, yoga, AcuWellness, and IFS informed theories and techniques. I am currently engaged in Dr. Frank Anderson’s IFS immersion course and Dr. Janina Fisher’s complex trauma certification program.

I serve on the Clinical Advisory Board for the International Association for Premenstrual Disorders (IAPMD) and am actively involved in advocating for menstrual rights and premenstrual care for all individuals. All of my services are welcoming and affirming of LGBTQ+ individuals.

I value radical acceptance, curiosity, kindness, and creativity. When not at work, I can be found hanging out in the sunshine with my three kids, reading books in a hammock, bantering with my partner Zach, and processing the joys and sorrows of life with close friends over cups of really good tea.

With care - JK

Integrative Mental Healthcare

EMDR & Parts Work

Restorative Yoga