Some of  favorite people, places, websites, and other resources!

Finn @ On the Verge Hairspace

Best haircuts ever in a trauma informed, sensory thoughtful space!

IAPMD website

Tons of information, podcasts, videos, support, and all the latest research on PMDD & PME!

1800 seconds on Autism -  BBC podcast

A delightful, information filled podcast by Robyn Steward & Jamie Knight

BOOK - Caste by Isabel Wilkerson

An important deep dive into the history and current dynamics of racism in the US

BOOK - No Bad Parts by Richard Schwartz

A nice primer on Internal Family Systems and the theory of multiplicity

VIDEO - Nikki Myers on Co-Dependency

"The disease of the lost self"... my favorite video on healing co-dependency!

BOOK - Unmasking Autism by Devon Price

An intersectional understanding of Autism

more to come...